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How Can Mobile Apps Help Parents Over and Above Teachers?

ryanmiller profile image Ryan Miller ・3 min read

Apps help teachers communicate with parents and contain answers to all the queries parents might want to ask from teachers. If you own a school then you must be well aware of the situation about how it feels like when you receive a horde of phone calls and numerous queries from parents. You are obligated to answer each one of them patiently as everyone is concerned about their child’s future.

The requirement to have an app for schools

• can help them in reducing a lot of paperwork

• Many class notes, reminders can be directly updated on apps and can be as such implemented by parents
• Reduces time and efforts to attend numerous phone calls and answering repeated unnecessary questions
• Improves the relationship with parents

Call for an app for parents

• Help parents to be in touch with school staff and get all their queries resolved at earliest
• Parents are easily able to convey their concerns across to teachers and get informed about important concerns like bad weather conditions etc.
• Parents get to know about the well-being of their children at school

Characteristics of Best Educational Apps

An educational app must essentially contain following features:

• Must contain pop up messages and instant alerts
• Essential plugins for instant notifications
• Calendar of school activities and planner
• Homework and schedule tracker
• Constant newsletters from school reminding about upcoming activities
• Latest course information and updates about any changes in the exam syllabus
• Ability to send absentee notes

Overall Advantages of having an Educational App

Best mobile app development companies in India are diverting their efforts in creating best mobile apps that are beneficial for both schools and parents. You get a chance to enhance academic experience with mobility educational solutions. Students get the benefit of indulging themselves in mobile immersive learning with highly engaging apps for brain teasers, memory training, language training, language learning, Edu Games and embedded learning etc.

• Adding value to the entire process, apps are a great way to staying connected.
• Parents get the facility to approach teachers and track individual performance of their child.
• Get the latest planners, timetable, alerts about notices and reminders about important events and activities in school
• While apps must not be made the medium of learning, they will always be helpful in case a student is absent and parents wish to fetch their home assignment.
• Mobile apps are a great way of involving parents at each phase of their child's learning process and to acquaint them with their behavior, learning progress and other statistics
• Best app development companies create such mobile apps in a way such that there is always a possibility to enhance the scope of the application in future. Such applications can have a feature to track the assignments, assess the modules, learn eBooks, have a method to record digital bookmarks, provide uninterrupted digital library access etc.

What should be your first step in building the educational application?

If you wish to build an educational app for teachers and parents, you need to ensure following points:

• Best app development companies must not be concerned about the devices used by people but they must ensure the current trend in the market including user preferences and their capacity to pay. Educational applications are best applicable when they are free, as then they can be easily adopted by various genres.
• Your application must not be device specific – it must be workable on Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Tablets etc. The application must support cross-platform and must be workable across various browsers.

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