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Ryan H Lewis
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Top 5 Changes in webpack V5

Are you using webpack to bundle your React or JavaScript application? Well, there's a new version of webpack with some surprising changes. From deprecated features to new configuration options, you'll want to prepare your application before migrating to this new version. Watch this video for more details!

Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction
0:22 What is webpack version 5?
1:58 1) Deprecated features have been removed
3:19 2) More plugins moved to webpack core
4:26 3) Node.js polyfills have been removed
6:15 4) Webpack configuration changes
8:01 5) Requires Node.js version 10+
10:48 How to migrate from webpack v4 to v5
15:14 My experience upgrading to webpack v5
19:48 Final thoughts

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