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Discussion on: Day 35 of 100 Days of Code & Scrum: I Read the Typescript Handbook, So Give Me Back My Internet

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Ryan Whelchel

I definitely agree that reading documentation and books lets you encounter concepts you wouldn't otherwise see. There's some ideas that you wouldn't even think of trying to find. One of my previous mentors said that Google can only help you figure out what you know that you don't know.

It's cool to hear about Typescript; I'm new to the JS space entirely, so I knew nothing about it. After reading your post yesterday, I did a little research on Typescript and I saw that its strong typing makes code a lot more rigorous. It makes sense then that it would be beneficial in large codebases.

Also, the more I learn about React the more I hear about Redux. Namely that it is a lot to learn, but that it is very useful for maintaining state once you do learn it. It seems that getting into Typescript just for Redux is probably worth the time.

Thanks for the posts, I learn a lot :)

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Rammina Author

If you're going to learn Redux, make sure to learn the modern Redux Toolkit. Old Redux is kind of not worth it anymore.