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Excited to learn new technologies while growing as a developer. Studied at University of Portland.

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University of Portland


Software Developer at Viewpoint, a Trimble company

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Design Patterns: Factory

Yup :)

Where best to study "Angular"? Advice please!

This is a great Udemy course.

Design Patterns: Factory

Good catch, thanks a lot! :)

External Routes with Node.js

Hey Shivam, I would need more context to fully help you. Bu...

Auto-Deploy a Node.js Server: Heroku + GitHub

Heroku uses the package.json file to npm install the packag...

Junior Dev Learning: Wrapper Classes

Thank you, I appreciate that! 😊

How I made a fluid layout component - WotW

Awesome post man. For someone who hasn’t studied how to mak...

A Brief Introduction to REST APIs

Cool article! I like the overview. :) Maybe you could write...

Welcome Thread - v4

Good luck, and enjoy the ride! It's tough but well worth it...

I've seen heaven. And it's written in JavaScript.

Great read! I’ve taken a glance at Electron before, and thi...

Let's Solve: Code Challenge - Picking Numbers

Thanks man! :) I appreciate that!

Awesome resources for learning to code

I agree with you. I remember spending hours and hours on Tr...

Let's Solve: Code Challenge - Picking Numbers

Hey Sean, thanks for the response! I think for the way that...

Async Iteration in Nodejs

Hey Kwabena, it’s funny that you posted this today because ...

Getting Started With React in Super Easy Steps.

I've been looking to get into React. Thank you!

You can now display your most awesome GitHub repos on your DEV profile

Awesome feature. Thank you!

Auto-Deploy a Node.js Server: Heroku + GitHub

Thanks! I hope it can make things easier for a beginner to ...

External Routes with Node.js

Thanks for the feedback! I've updated the intro with someth...

Welcome Thread - v3

It's great to have you here, Arianit. :)