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Saad Bin Manjur Adit
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Reasons Behind Lack of Quality Computer Engineers in Bangladesh

At the very fast I introduce the use the word is called “Engineer” or “Engineering”, from Wikipedia - Engineering is the use of scientific principles to design and build machines, structures, and other items, including bridges, tunnels, roads, vehicles, and buildings. And in the field of Computers, we know engineering as Computer engineering (CpE) is a branch of engineering that integrates several fields of computer science and electronic engineering required to develop computer hardware and software.

In Bangladesh, we study Computer Science or Computer Science and Engineering (CSE). Some easy points distinguished between with and without “Engineering” word. The Computer Science students focus on theoretical studies and Computer Science and Engineering students focus on theory along with applications on the contrary.

Here are Core Subjects of Computer Science or Computer Science and Engineering:

  •   Programming
  •   Data Structures
  •   Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  •   Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  •   Database Management System (DBMS)
  •   Computer Architecture
  •   Operating System
  •   Computer Network
  •   Compiler Construction
  •   Artificial Intelligence (AI)
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The above core subjects work as building influence the applied fields of computer science study and engineering.

The point of view of mine takes place on a lack of good or quality engineers. As a Computer Science and Engineering student I got a chance to dive into this ocean and have seen and felt different types of experience. As an apprentice, I feel a lack of proper guidance like other students in the same field. If I go back to a couple of years when I was at the beginning of 3rd year of study in the CSE field, I started to feel like two years gone but still couldn’t find the way that I should master it and choose it as my future career.

A Confusion Head

Now put aside my sufferings see what other people feel, I would not say most of them because most of the phrase used for a maximum percentage but in here, I would say all the students (our fingers are not all the same size). They study in this very amazing subject without any aim and literally, some of them aim to be a programmer at the beginning later they switch to the world of web development. Lastly, we lose a good or progressive programmer due to a lack of proper mentoring.

They don’t know how many branches are in Computer Science or Computer Science and Engineering that is why they feel helpless but successful to get good marks in exams with the techniques of traditional ways whether their portfolio of skills vacant or not. They even don't know what they have to do or why they are learning core subjects and how they could form implementation from extracting that knowledge. And ultimately our country fails to achieve a real engineer of the computer though they have equipped with international standard equipment and universities. What we dream to produce but productions come at last which doesn’t fit the world.

Here are Some Applied fields of Computer Science or Computer Science and Engineering:

  • Theory (i.e. Academician/ Researcher)
        o Required Skills: Algorithms, Data Structures, Graph 
          Theory, Group Theory, Game Theory, Theory of 
          Computation, etc.
  • System (i.e. Software Developer)
        o Required Skills: Operating System, Compiler Design, 
          Computer Network, Computer Organization, and 
          Architecture, etc.
  • Intelligence System (i.e. Data Science)
        o Required Skills: Data Mining, Web Mining, Pattern 
          Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, etc.
  • Application Development (i.e. Software Engineer)
        o Required Skills: Java Technology, Dot Net, Web 
          Technology, Software Engineering, etc.
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These are common major applications on this subject I mentioned above where Cloud Computing is missing because it has another colossal aspect. If it comes then the article would be way bigger.

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The epilogue of my writings will be very clear that the apprentices of this subject of Bangladesh should be aware of their applied fields and they should be informed by their mentors/teachers/trainers. Core subjects are unavoidable for studying but the applied learning should be introduced earlier than their path would be easier and the vision of this subject would be clearer than crystal.
Otherwise, we will have only engineers with certificates instead of future-tech weapons.

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When I took my degree, most of what I learned was also the theory part only. I think it's good though. They give you the foundation and basic understanding you need.

If you need practical application then there are just so many things available online. Most people I know who are really really good at what they do don't just learn that from any school. They actively seek out the knowledge and the chances to practice and learn from the real world.