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State of JavaScript 2021 Livestream

This year again the awesome CodeItLive crew is hosting a special livestream to discuss the 2021 State of JavaScript survey results.

Hosted By

The livestream will be hosted by none other than late-show legend Conan O'Brien himself! We're so lucky we were able to get him, and we had no idea he was even interested in Ja…

Huh…? What's that? Oh really, from a lawyer…? Oh lawyers, plural? Very angry?

Well sorry folks, but it turns out Conan is not available after all. But no worries, because instead we have Alyssa Nicoll and Kathryn Grayson Nanz, which I'm assured are both much better JavaScript developers than Mr O'Brien.

Special Guests

The whole reason why I ever started doing these surveys in the first place is that I can't make heads or tails of JavaScript, so don't count on me for any deep wisdom.

But you won't need to because we'll get a whole bunch of actual experts on the stream!

Shawn Wang

Despite what his Twitter username would lead you to believe swyx a.k.a. Shawn Wang is not a dubstep DJ but instead one of the most knowledgeable JavaScript developers I know, and also the author of this year's survey conclusion.

Ryan Carniato

Ryan Carniato is the author of SolidJS, which came out of nowhere to claim the top spot in the Front End Frameworks satisfaction rankings.

He'll talk about what it's like to suddenly be thrust into JavaScript stardom in this manner, and whether he'll sell the rights to his life story to Netflix or Hulu.

Sarah Drasner

Fact: the combined net worth of all the companies Sarah Dasner has been an engineer at is larger than the GDP of Poland.

Well OK, I have no idea if that's true or not, but it very well could be. And what is true is that Sarah is the 9th most popular JavaScript person in the world according to our respondents!

Rich Harris

Just a couple years ago, Rich Harris was going door to door selling subscriptions for the New York Times (I think?). Now, he's the mastermind behind Svelte, one of the most serious challengers to React's throne.

Now working at Vercel, it feels like Rich has been near the center of many major JavaScript advances during the past couple years.

And more…!

We're working on adding even more guests, but you'll have to wait until the stream to find out who they are!

What We'll Discuss

We'll cover many important topics, including:

  • Which JavaScript framework makes the best Wordle answers.
  • Which JavaScript developers have reached Oprah-like "just-the-first-name-is-enough"-level fame.
  • How to strategically trick your boss into thinking you're studying a new framework called Switch.js when in fact you're just playing the Switch.
  • How to squint your eyes just right to see the hidden dolphin hidden in this year's charts.

And much more! So tune in, because if you don't you'll have to wait one whole year before the opportunity arises again.

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