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State of JS & CSS Surveys: How to Help

Although the State of JavaScript and CSS surveys do earn some revenue, they still rely primarily on volunteer work. If you'd like to join the project and help out, here are a few things we always need help with.

Financial Support

Grants & Funding

One of the most effective ways to help the project is to simply provide funding. For example, thanks to a grant received from Google we've been able to hire an expert to do a full accessibility audit of the project.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if that's something you can help with. We will of course be happy to credit you and feature your logo as part of our partners banner.

Our 2021 Partners

Our 2021 Partners

Recommended Resources

If you create content relevant to our audience, you can also purchase one of the "Recommended Resources" links displayed at the bottom of each page. Do get in touch if that's something you're interested in.

Note that we can also make these spots available for free to help promote events, communities, etc. that can in turn help broaden the survey's reach.

Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources

Chart Sponsorships

If you'd like to support the survey on a smaller scale, you can also now sponsor individual charts by clicking on the small "$" icon next to each chart title.

Chart Sponsorship

Chart Sponsorship

Non-Financial Support


The surveys are now translated in 20+ languages, but there's still a lot of work to be done! If you'd like to help you can learn more here, or join our Discord and give your GitHub username as well as the code for the locale you'd like to translate to in the #translations channel.


It's no secret that audiences for developer surveys in general tend to skew male, white, and U.S.-based. If you'd like to help us balance things out a bit, we could definitely use your help!

Outreach efforts include things like reaching out to organizations focused on helping minoritized populations negotiate the tech world, submitting links to the survey to various online communities, emailing blogs or magazines about the survey, and generally trying to diversify the survey's audience.

If you'd like to help, join our Discord's #outreach channel adn we'll let you know when there's some news that needs to be relayed (feel free to mute every other channel if you'd like).

Specifically, we'd love some help reaching out to organizations focused on:

  • BIPOC developers
  • LGBTQ+ developers
  • Women developers
  • Developers with disabilities
  • Developers in under-represented countries (China, Brazil, India, Japan, etc.)

Writing & Analysis

Even though we try and surface interesting insights every year, we know there is no way to cover everything in a single report. If you're a data scientist or just curious about tech trends, we would love to see your own spin on our data! This can be a great way to broaden the dialog around the survey, especially when it comes to highlighting under-represented communities like the ones mentioned above.

You can either use the chart customization feature (pencil icon next to some charts) and our public GraphQL API to create new visualizations, or join our Discord and get in touch to ask for the full JSON dataset.


The entirety of our codebases are open-source, and we welcome contributions. I suggest first getting familiar with how the surveys are run, and then dropping by the Discord to let me know what you'd like to work on.

Giveaways & Partnerships

In the future, we want to explore providing deals or discounts on products to our survey respondents as a way of rewarding survey participants and incentivizing new audiences to take part in the survey.

If you offer a paid product that you think would be relevant to survey participants and are able to offer some kind of giveaway or discount, then please get in touch!.

Other Freebies

Both Netlify and Gatsby have generously donated free hosting for the survey. If you too can provide some kind of service for free or at a discount that might help the survey, it'll be much appreciated!

A Note About Paid Work

I have talked mainly about volunteer work here but we also have a small budget to pay consultants or experts, and are working on finding partners to subsidize more work. More specifically, we prefer paying for tasks that:

  • Are limited in scope, since the budget will probably be limited too.
  • Require special expertise that would not be easily provided by volunteers.
  • Are self-contained and don't require too much follow-up work since we might not have time to do it.

Good examples include: illustrations & branding work, usability or accessibility audits, data visualization work, outreach work, etc.

So although we can't promise much, if you'd like to contribute to the project but can't afford to work on a volunteer basis, don't hesitate to join the Discord and get in touch!

Get in Touch!

Whatever you want to help with, whether you want to give us money or get paid, let's talk about it!. We can always use the help, and together let's try and make these surveys the best they can be!

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ingosteinke profile image
Ingo Steinke • Edited

I am sorry, but I want to be honest. I used to be excited about developer surveys and other statistics. StackOverflow, State of JS, State of CSS, Spotify Wrapped, especially if there is great data visualization involved. And if there is anthing new and relevant to learn.

But, talking about relevance, can we have less white first-world dudeism after all those years? To make a start, I will stop to take part in any survey from now on. Hopefully, more diverse respondents will take my place in the future.

The State of CSS 2022 Survey results are available, and I lost interest after the introduction when the boring demographics page revealed that, even in one of the few fields of current web tech where we have famous female experts like Lea Verou, Sara Soueidan, Rachel Andrew, mostly white dudes from the USA and Germany contributed to the answers.

I am an old white dude myself, I could not care less what some other guy somewhere in California plans to use or not use in their code in 2023.

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