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🎁 Introducing Ornamentum: lightweight, feature-rich, highly configurable, UI framework

💡 Features

⚡️ Reactive stream data binding

📈 Multi-Column Sorting

💄 Theming and custom templating

💾 Row selection, state persistence and much more

Designed with a lot of flexibility in terms of configuring elements to the smallest detail level. It's a library designed by developers in the aim of building "A GREAT API"

UI framework (Bootstrap, Foundation, Material Design, etc.) agnostic hence it doesn't matter which UI framework you use. The fully configurable theme style sheets bundle provides several UI/UX flavors and extensive customization out of the box. Hide or report this

Mobile-friendly with all major device platforms. From Desktop to Tablet and Mobile devices, Ornamentum is fully responsive for any viewport resolution. Dynamic behavior of width calculation works hand in hand along with static column sizes to provide the best user experience.

Reactive programming ready with asynchronous data streams. Data binding is fully handled via RxJS observable streams which accepts reactive data sources and use them under the hood for paginating, grouping, filtering and sorting data

Link :-

website :-

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