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Why Alfred?

Why I moved to Mac OS, or the time when I got MacBook, I had no idea about Alfred, I was using the only Spotlight, although I didn’t like it. As a BOLD Windows user, I didn’t like the idea of searching something through a system search, a typical kid who was born in the 2000s.

I discovered Alfred when I went to the course of Front-end developer and at that moment I have started to follow Akella, a front-end developer from Kyiv. I started to make my mac more comfortable for working because he was doing insane stuff for me with just Alfred.

Once I have tried Alfred without any fancy workflow, I said “MAC rocks!”, that’s it. 4-3 years I am with ALFRED, so much comfort. Let’s see, what’s in my workflow:

AirPods Connector AirPods Connector | Packal
Before AirPods Connector, pairing AirPods was kinda hard for me and sometimes problematic.

Bear Notes Bear | Packal
I am a big fan of Bear Notes, I have been taking notes in this app for 2-3 years almost. And Alfred makes it way easier and comfortable to work with Bear. I just search for notes on Alfred.

Goodreads Book Search for Alfred
If somebody mentions a book, for example, I listen to podcasts usually, sometimes they talk about books, once I hear the name of a book, I just search it on Alfred.

Just changes your mac system to dark or light.

Dash Dash for macOS - API Documentation Browser, Snippet Manager - Kapeli
Dash is new on my list, I am just loving it. Searching documentation, snippers is easier with Dash, because I get what I want, the part of the documentation that I want to see or try.

I have tried different currency converters, so far this works well, but not as perfect as I wanted to have one.

Faker Alfred Faker | Packal
Faker is a fake info generator, you can generate word, sentence, paragraph, text and etc.

Github Repos Github Repos | Packal
I search for repos through Alfred, yes sometimes it is inconvenient, but I like it.

StackOverFlow search
The best one so far, searching on stack-overflow through Alfred is one of the biggest advantages over anything, easy and comfortable. Sometimes I just thank developers, but they need more thanks because this is something, just try it.

Things3 for Alfred
I use Thing3 on a daily basis for almost 3 years, and of course, I love it, and using Things3 with Alfred is another level of joy.

Here I can give you some reasons, why you have to move to Alfred and why Spotlight is not a PRO thing. I know Alfred costs $, but you are paying for the comfort, for quality comfort. Spotlight is not fast enough, you cannot configure it like Alfred, you cannot write your workflows, of course, you can write AppleScript, but it is not enough. Some people say, searching for emails and stuff is easier on Spotlight, not you can adjust Alfred, you can make it like “Oh this thing is made for me”. Just give a good shot for Alfred and you will feel the second breath of your Mac.

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