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Sagar Panchal
Sagar Panchal

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It's never too late: Mechanical engineer to Web developer

Hi everyone,

I'm Sagar Panchal. I'm a Jr. React JS developer who started my career 8 years ago as a mechanical quality control engineer and came to the IT industry 2 years ago.

Here I'm writing my first blog, I'm reading blogs from last month and it pushed me to write something.
I'll write whatever problem I face when I got stuck and when it is resolved.

I want to share my experience and wanna tell it's true that it's never late to start a new beginning.

I worked as Mechanical Engineer for 6 years but I'm not happy with my life as it's an 11 to 12 hours hard work job and no growth as 6 year experience.

One day my friend told me to learn Python language. I tried but I didn't understand anything at all. But I keep trying to watch YouTube tutorials for python, Django,

(I'm that idiot who doesn't know what is an API / frontend/ backend or what is database and still tried to make the project.)
I've made an app for Eminem Lyrics.
First Project
Stack: Django as backend and HTML, CSS with bootstrap.

After completing a project I deployed it in Heroku 😅
And I didn't sleep for two days straight because I had no idea what I'm doing but thanks to YouTube.
Finally, after two days I completed that deployment (And I literally jump out from my chair and started dancing :D ).

I understand one thing that moment I can make ANYTHING done. ANYHOW.

I'm stubborn.

After trying to get a job as a python Django developer I understand I need to gain experience but I didn't get a job at all.

So I learn basic to advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

It took me 3 times to watch 25+ hours of JavaScript tutorials to understand it properly. Then I learn React js and redux.

After completing react course and a good portfolio project I applied for a job on LinkedIn and I got a good response. And finally, I got a good job as react js developer.

Portfolio link
Stack: React JS

  • Be consistent.
  • Stay positive about learning you'll get there.
  • No one knows everything.
  • Try to write lengthy code don't go for one-liners.
  • Use pen and paper to write problem and solution before going for a solution.
  • Practice makes you better every day.

At the age of 25 if I can start and get better out of it then you probably will. ✌🏻

Keep learning and practicing. Don't try to be perfect. ✌🏻

Thank you IT and thank you all. 😊

But it's never too late to start a new beginnin'
That goes for you too, so what the hell you gon' do?
Use the tools you're given!

  • Eminem ( My Idol )'s song Believe.

Feel free to give suggestions and sorry for the grammar mistakes.

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