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Try to the SAML authentication of Growi using keycloak - part1.


The Growi Wiki was forked by Crowi Wiki.

The Growi Wiki is useful, contanerble.

And it can use the full text search (Elastic Search) and relations with the CodiMD.

NOTE: Now, Growi Wiki recruit new members about contributing localization of English by Slack. If you would like to interest, lets try to join to Growi Slack.

Recentory, the Growi Wiki was implemented the SAML authentication.
So I try to settings the SAML authentication on Growi.


Definition of version

  • Keycloak ver.4.0.0 Final (Note:Make it already constructed)
  • Growi ver.3.2.4 (Note:Make it already constructed)
  • Docker ver.18.03.1-ce
  • Docker-compose ver.1.21.2

Settings flow


  1. On Growi, Open manegement(管理) with admin authrized.
    • App settigs(アプリ設定)
    • Site URL:
      • This is an important setting because it is also used in security settings of SAML as environment variables. image.png
    • Security settings(セキュリティ設定)
      • Passport Authrization(認証機構): Enable(有効化)
      • SAML: ON
  2. On Growi, Push buttun of [Refresh(更新)].
  3. On Growi, Make a note about callbak URL(コールバックURL). image.png

< contine to next part2 (Please wait 3 weeks until the next article release)>

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