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Two things:

  1. Cache invalidation
  2. Naming things
  3. Off-by-one errors

Explaining it from the ground up. I just talked to a security guard at Railsconf who was curious about what "Rails" was. Trying to explain programming from the absolute basics is really tough.


Talking about learning the basics, I remember that a lot of students in my school where struggling with array starting at 0; ending at n-1 and same for the for loop

Classic DEV Post from Jun 9 '19

Top 5 Soft Skills for Software Engineer

Soft skills are as critical as technical skills for a software engineer. No one works in isolation. Each person has to deal with teammates, colleagues, managers, etc. Therefore team interpersonal skills are essential too. Soft skills include things like good communication, honesty, teamwork, integrity, organization, empathy, etc.

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