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Harit Saini
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hackCBS 3.0 - India's Largest Student-run Hackathon

hackCBS 3.0, the third edition of India's Largest Student-run Hackathon goes virtual, no matter where you are, you can participate and be a part of the most anticipated hackathon of the year. Commence all your intelligence and skills with your coffee mug and achieve the impossible.

We are focusing on the following tracks this time:

  1. Productivity and Networking
  2. Gaming and Entertainment
  3. EdTech
  4. Healthcare
  5. FinTech
  6. AgriTech
  7. Open Innovation

Comrades, the time has come to challenge yourself and strive hard to push your limits to LEARN . TEACH . HACK .WIN.

So what are you waiting for?
Register Now at

Stay tuned for more updates!

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