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Data Scientist Roles and Responsibilities(My Opinion)

There is a difference in Data Engineer, Data Analysist and Data Scientist. If you want to become a Data Scientist the main moto is to think, learn and analyze globally with your Neuron.It is possible when you work on as many various datasets as you can. Alt TextFocus Of Role

  • Create Hypothesis:
  • Test
  • Analyse
  • Translate Using Clean Data
  • In order to get a job in an industry as a data scientist position, the following skills are needed.

  • Dealing with various data operations.
  • Involved with several data underlying procedures.
  • Can able to handle Structure and Unstructured Data
  • possesses knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and machine learning algorithms
  • Proficient in Python, R, SAS, Matlab, Hadoop and Spark
  • Alt Text

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