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Sites for beginner web developers

This is part 1 of cool sites you need to start using if you aren't using yet. A must read for every beginner web developer for taking thier static sites a level up. A perfect and right site for all your web developing task like background images, background gradient, color palettes, illustrations and icons.

1) Pixels

Pixel site cover image
One site for all your static images, backgrounds. It contains HD and images in all sizes. Using images from this site will surely take your site to next level.
Do check it out-

2) Color Hunt

Color hunt site
An awesome site for getting cool, calm and good color palettes. When I started my web developing journey, I always used to use random colors for my site which is bad because your site wont't professional and clean. So start using this site for making professional, clean and good UI sites.
Do check it out-

3) Drawkit

Drawkit site
One of the best site today in this post has it helps you get all actions vector illustrations. If you aren't using illustrations in your website, I suggest your start using this site and using illustration in your websites.
Do check it out-

4) UI Gradients

UI Gradients site
If you are looking for awesome and easy to use background gradients in your sites, then this site you should must checkout.
It has gradients in all colors and very good UI for searching perfect gradients for your site.
Do check it out-

5) Neumorphism

Neumorphism site
If you want perfect and good looking box shadows to UI elements then I suggest using this site for that. It allows you to customize shadows according to your need, the best feature it has.
Do check it out-

6) Font Awesome

Font awesome site
No doubt one of the best website for free and good icons currently. Using their icons is easy, just use their cdn to start using 100s of icons for free. One other site for icons you can use is Heroicons
Do check it out-

This was all for part1 of sites every beginner in web developer should use for good and attractive site. Stay tunned for part2 for learning new awesome sites.

Other sites worth checking are-

Thank you for reading my first post. If you know other cool sites you want other beginners to know about, mention them in the commands as helping other web developer is our duty.

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