A road to the easiest user authentication system for Node.js

Yoshihide Shiono on December 15, 2018

JavaScript is easy to read and write, but sometimes we are facing difficulties like user authentication. Before talking about user authenticatio... [Read Full]
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While this is nice and all, isn't it now no different than any other OOP-language code? Now I'm not saying javascript is good for the sake of being different, but why go all this length with the setup of tens of different libraries, when you could've arguably done it faster with the same result in .NET?


Question: why did you use NestJS with NextJS? Isn't this all possible leaving out NestJS since NextJS has routing? I know NestJS, but I'm very new to NextJS.


Next.js is a react framework that provides SSR(Server Side Rendering) easily.
So if you want to use react with better SEO, Next.js is one of the best choices.

Nest is just a server framework, so it doesn't care about client side.

Generally way, web services have two repositories: server repo and client one.
But I think it's complex enough to learn or test simple web stack :)

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