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Top 15 Free Hacking Tools For Ethical Hackers

Top 15 Free Hacking Tools For Ethical Hackers

Intrusion tests, known as "Penetration Analysis" or "Ethical Hacking", are now a common practice to know the level of security a website has.

These tests assess the type and extent of system and network vulnerabilities in terms of confidentiality and integrity. They check the security of the network and empirically verify the resistance of applications and services to misuse.

The so-called Ethical Hacking tests constitute an evaluation of the security and vulnerability of the web, in which the analyst actually tries to compromise the target machines or networks.

The ethical hacker may use various tools and techniques. Each of these techniques has its own steps, methodology and software used.

Even Google is used by hackers and attackers to perform something called 'Google hacking': by using basic search techniques with advanced operators, it can become a powerful tool to search for vulnerabilities.

Using advanced operators shown in the image, in combination with some specific terms, Google can be used to discover a lot of sensitive information that should not be revealed.

Searching for information with Google is not in itself an 'unethical' action, but using the information or certain vulnerabilities found without the permission of the owner of the page or document for malicious purposes is.

Today we propose a list of 15 useful tools to test the vulnerability of your website.

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I'm interested to learn and keep secure from illegal hacker. My humble request is that plz help me how access in laptop and mobile

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Vijay Bishnoi

How to Protect Social Media Accounts from hackers :