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Why a father and techie decided to mentor and train others

Credit: Pawan Sidher

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I am a tech guy with 13 years of experience. My primary programming language is Java. I worked with product and service based companies. I have 2 kids and my elder son is a college going teanger.

When I look back into my journey, I could see the hardship, sweat, sleepless nights working for client deliverables etc. One day, my son expressed interest in learning programming. I was surprisingly happy that even after seeing me and my life he is thinking of getting into this tech space. I suggested he do the same as millions of others do, google, watch videos and learn.

After a few weeks, I asked him about the progress. In case he has any questions or doubts that I can address. He said he watched a few YouTube videos and read a few blogs as well. He acted like it was very easy and he understood everything on the first try.

When I cross questioned him on the basic concepts, he was clueless. Then I decided to spend 1 hour everyday teaching him actual programming. Soon after 2 months, he was not only creating programs but started solving my job problems with his algorithm.

I was a proud dad. Then I realized having information in hand in the form of videos and blogs won’t solve 100% of the problem. I also took many references from online resources. But what made a difference in my son's case was having me as a mentor and trainer.

Then I thought of other people having the same situation. Jumping from one online resource to another and by the end saying I know everything, it is very easy. So, I decided to jump in and help. I came up with 2 trainings (links mentioned above). Interested people feel free to subscribe. It is completely online live training.

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