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40 technology experts ready to help you practice on projects

You must have seen experts writing blogs and posts to share their experience and knowledge. How much of it has helped you to learn and be successful in life. If it did not workout for you then certainly you need more from them.

Also, it is next to impossible to put one’s experience in a blog or article or video. It is a scattered knowledge available in abundance, which generally leads to confusion.

Serious learning needs continuous support. And if that support is hard to find then we may end up taking a lot more time to achieve our goals. What is the alternative? As technology people, we should solve real world problems. So, how to solve our problem for ourselves. Let me help you find the right people for your varied technology learning requirements.

Data Science:

Nishkam Shivam: With a rich data science industry experience, he is a certified Azure Data Scientist. Industry experience in working for the fortune#1 company of the world in solving their problems - impacting multi billion dollars decisions. And as a trainer have teaching/mentoring experience with premiere institutes of the country like -IIT madras, IIT Palakkad,IIIT Bangalore etc I can help Data Science aspirants to start their journey and build projects in many different application areas.

Aayushi: With masters in Data Analytics, and extensive experience in mentoring, training & coaching, she has published 8 research papers in different reputed publications such as SCOPUS, IEEE, Springer, etc. She is utilizing her data science skills to solve problems in the HR space and Insurance Tech domain. She have built chatbots (NLP), predictive modeling using machine learning, recommendation system using LSH forest, MVP of financial assistants using RASA, and many more. She also using PowerBI extensively for all her reporting purposes. People interested in learning Data Science from beginner to advance level can certainly leverage my knowledge and experience. Feel free to reach out for your Data Analytics, Data Science, NLP, related learning requirements.

Pradip Nichte: He comes with an M.Tech, Data Science degree and 6 years of experience in machine learning, NLP, MLOps, and web application development. Utilizing my big data experience he has deployed ML models in production and managed them. He can certainly help you with getting started and dig deep into Data Science while working on practical projects. He can also help with end-to-end model deployments, re-training the model, and managing models in the production environment. In case you are preparing for a Data Science interview, he can help you to prepare for it by conducting mock interviews. You can also discuss your Data Science projects if you are stuck or in general, you need career advice, he would be happy to help.

Karuna Lakhani

Sampuran Rattan
Lila Srinivas

Computer Vision/Deep Learning:

Avinash Sen
Jaya Sai Kiran


Subham Agarwal

AWS Cloud:

Sunil Bhakuni
Vaibhav Singh


Saurabh Kumar
Pawan Kumar
Rajendra Jajra
Mithun Babu
Nikhil Kumar


Atul Singh
Aditya Kumar
Ajay Srinivasan


Vishwajeet Singh


Tapas Adhikary
Ayush Chouksey
Pankaj Jasoria


Prashant Mishra
Deepak Jain
Ujjawal Gupta

Cloud Infrastructure Architect:

Arun Sexena


Palwinder Singh



If you are an also interested to mentor others, you can click this link to signup.

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