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Samuel Kpalemon
Samuel Kpalemon

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Appropriate framework to start a journey as Front end developer

Hey !! Please I’m new here , I learnt html and css and bootstrap ... but really want to use another framework that I can quickly learn to better my websites look... Can you please recommend one ?

Thx in advance

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Jon Randy 🎖️

To start? No framework. I would advise building as much as you can yourself to gain as full an understanding as possible before moving on to using frameworks. This way, you'll be a far more competent developer in the long run

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Samuel Kpalemon

Ok , thank you

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Hardeep Kumar

I'd recommend vue js/nuxt js then.
Note: Nuxt js is vue but on steroids.

As a beginner learning react won't be a great option. So don't go there just cuz it's popular.