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Jobless is better than in the wrong job. Insecurity is better than secure-but-with-caveats

Friday I took a decision, I did something I have never done before in my life: I put values ahead of money, fear and security. I decided that being jobless was better than being in the wrong job, furthering a really bad cause.

I had accepted a new job in the gambling sector. For a month, that did my head in. It's not something I can endorse, nor I can ignore. It's not a sector I believe should even exist.

After a month of internal struggles, fighting with the always-in-my-head-disappointed-father thought, I have spent a day thinking.

And I did turn around. I'd rather be 2 months jobless than have a pay that comes from that.

What happened after this? I had spent the week bedridden due to illness. It all cleared out within an hour after voiding the contract I had signed. I am now looking forward to December and January without a job. I have never taken more than 5 days off work over a year in my entire life, so this is now scary and exciting!

Be true to yourselves, be yourselves, be a good human.

Also this is my first ever post on DEV.TO!

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