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How to Handle LinkedIn and Twitter Link Previews.


It's been a while I've posted an article on Dev Community, well, a while is somewhat over a year. Anyways, while I was gone,I've learnt quite a lot which I'll get into some other time.

So, I was working on my portfolio site, and I decided to share the link on LinkedIn and Twitter and noticed something was wrong;

The image previews and description wasn't showing up quite right, I made a couple of research and still saw I wasn't getting the image to show up. I debugged and discovered I wasn't sharing the image quite right.

In this article, I'd take you through a step-by-step process of getting your link preview done properly(especially that image part, lol).


Before I start, I know some people will say this is a job for marketers and not developers but it wouldn't hurt to know bit of it.

When you make a post on LinkedIn or Twitter, they take data from the meta tags on that page and preview it for the viewers to get a glimpse of what they'll be viewing by clicking on that link. Here's an example for Linked and Twitter respectively;

LinkedIn Post Preview

Twitter Post Preview


To do this on LinkedIn, you need to include the following meta tags and make sure they are properly formatted.

LinkedIn Meta Tags

Note that LinkedIn has a couple of rules concerning the image link placed here. I'll list them below;

  • The maximum file size allowed is 5MB.

  • The minimum image dimension should be 1200px X 627px.

I encountered a problem while trying to share my image from photo hosting sites like Imgur and Google Photos so here's how I got around that issue.

I uploaded the photo to Google Photos but instead of creating a link to share the image, I opened up the image, right-clicked on it to pop open the menu and copied the image address. I pasted the address in the meta tag and it worked for me. I think LinkedIn can't pull data off the shareable link because, well, it is protected. Let me know in the comment section if that doesn't work for you.


While LinkedIn relies on the Open Graph meta tags to preview links, Twitter does it's own a bit differently, it uses Twitter card meta tags.

Twitter Meta Tags

Again, I placed my url the same way I handled it for LinkedIn.


So, in case you want to see how you page/site looks before actually posting them on Twitter or LinkedIn, you can use the LinkedIn Post Inspector Tool for LinkedIn Posts or Twitter Card Validator for Twitter Posts.


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