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Rare to read such a calm article on this topic. In my company, aggregated salary details are available through the unions. I don't think I can speak about those numbers, but on certain levels, men make a little bit more, on other - but less - levels women. The numbers are marginal, but it's funny to read the interpretations. In one way, it's interpreted tragical, the other way, it's explained as a normal result of more experience of men/women (guess) on those levels.

The boys club is funny. I read a lot and not interested in movies (that much) and series. I'm out of many-many clubs.


Oh yeah, the salary issue…
Generally, a human tends to share all their details with others. In the same way, employees will casually discuss their salaries also. But in a corporate, it is a rule that employee is not supposed to discuss his/her salary with anyone, so we are calling it as pay transparency. Because based on the company requirement the company will offer different packages to employees and it is absolutely not the same for all 🤷‍♀️


Is discussing salary amounts a legal issue in Germany? In the U.S. it's actually illegal to prevent such discussion (as well as requiring the disclosure of previous salaries in the hiring process), but the social stigma against it is extremely strong.

Obligatory College Humor video (jump to timestamp, 1:26):

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