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DevAnalytics at DOHackathon: final steps

This is my last post about DevAnalytics before the submission.

Since the last time, I did what I promised and some more.

What I promised

  • On the backend side I removed logging of the incoming HTTP requests, as they include the DEV API Key that is supposed to be secret. Now even me I don't have access to them, not to mention the unlikely(?) case that my account gets compromised.

This was quite easy to do. I'm using flask on BE side and I just had to add these two lines:

log = logging.getLogger('werkzeug')
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  • I added some error handling on the Frontend side. In case, you enter a wrong API key, or there is some other problem, you get a nice error message:

Error message

Additionally, once you ask for the stats the screen is cleared first.

The extra

I added some more statistics about average numbers.


What is next?

The submission. I have some more ideas, but I think I'll only implement them after the hackathon.

Thanks for following through and feel free to try DevAnalytics and leave a comment.

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casiimir profile image

Woah, cool! Nice done Sandor, I really appreciate it. I tested it with my key and, really impressive, a complete post tracker appear on my window.