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DevAnalytics at DOHackathon: Extracted till I dropped

As I mentioned yesterday, I asked for coaching from on my mentees about Angular, so I became the mentee and she became the mentor.

Among others, she showed me how I can extract components in Angular, how I can and should @Inputs instead of constructors.

Today, I went on this path and I ended up with 4 child components.

  • One for article analytics
  • One for tag analytics
  • One for article stats cards
  • And one for tag stats cards

I also finetuned a bit my styling, so the cards are nicely aligned even in between the rows.

I feel that now I have what I originally wanted and I'm kind of happy with how it looks like - given that I'm a backend person and I prefer the command line to any UI in general.

But I still have 10 days until submission, so I'm going to enhance a bit the statistics DevAnalytics offer.

Until then, feel free to try and leave any suggestions you might have.

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