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The first steps at #dohackathon

As mentioned before, I'm a C++ backend dev who has to learn Angular for a new project, so I'm having exciting times as after a 2 days training basically I start my journey with this hackathon.

I performed something very basic so far, but I'm glad that it works:

  • I created a flask backend which replies to whatever request {"message":"Hello World, this is DEV analytics here!"}

  • I created an Angular frontend that when a button is clicked, calls the backend and shows the reply on the page.

Hello world

I know how small these steps are, but I'm very glad that I have something working.

By the end of this week, the BE will be able to provide all data needed by the FE.

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That's the same way I build my apps: one small step at a time, fully iterative. It really works best, I think. That's the exact way I built my entry to the #dohackathon also. I didn't really know bootstrap, but I learned it along the way. I wrote my dot net core web api which returns the QR Code to my app just as you did with that flask piece.
Sounds like a interesting thing you're working on. I look forward to seeing more in the future. Check my entry out if you get a chance. Thx.