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DevAnalytics at DOHackathon: cards everywhere

The last few days, I didn't have the time to write a post about my progress, but I made some big steps forward.

I moved all the statistics into cards, and I applied some formatting both to the data, and to the page in general.

Probably this is the most difficult part for me :)

Nicer and nicer DevAnalytics

Next, I'll have to make sure that the cards are nicely aligned and in the tag cards, I have to highlight the tags themselves.

You can try DevAnalytics here.

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Chris Sev

Really awesome work!

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Sandor Dargo

Thanks, Chris. Today I progressed quite a bit. I mentoring someone who is on the FrontEnd side and we swapped roles. She helped me a lot to make it nicer and to clean up the code.
I'll post that step in a few days.