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DevAnalytics at DOHackathon: Even more stats available for you

Yesterday, I added the top5 most viewed/reacted/commented articles, today I did something similar for tags.

From each tag statistics card, you can get the top 5 tags in terms of the inspected attribute:

  • Top 5 most viewed tags
  • Top 5 most reacted tags
  • Top 5 most commented tags
  • Top 5 tags with most views per article
  • Top 5 tags with most reactions per article
  • Top 5 tags with most comments per article

You also get for each of these, how many articles you posted with a given tag.

Your best tags

I also made the UI a bit more consistent. I realized today that for the articles analytics, I always followed the views-reactions-comments order in the grid layout, while for the tag analytics the opposite.

Now they both follow the same.

I almost forgot that today I also added a progress bar. Based on the READMEs I picked @ngx-loading-bar/core and it was super simple to add it to my project;

Feel free to try and leave any suggestions you might have.

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raddevus profile image

I tried your app out and it looks really great. It's a very helpful and interesting app.
The only thing about it is that I generated my API key and it tells me not to share it with anyone and I wonder if there would be a way to help the user understand that their API key is not stored anywhere? I figured I could just destroy my API key that I used and generate a new one each time to insure it is protected. Just a thought.

sandordargo profile image
Sandor Dargo

Thanks for your comment! That's right. I added some message about this, plus now I handle the API as a password, by default it's masked.
What do you think?