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Sandor Dargo
Sandor Dargo

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Santa's Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is coming, and I created a small coding exercise for you that focuses on Object-Oriented Design and delivering presents to every child!

The code kata is called Santas's Christmas Wish List and you can clone the description from my GitHub.

GitHub logo sandordargo / santas-christmas-wishlist

A coding dojo about making sure that everyone gets a gift and only one gift

Santa's Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is coming and every child deserves a gift, but Santa's resources are limited. We have make sure that children can choose their gifts both via mail or in person in Santa's Grotto and that they express their wish only once.

There is Santa's Big Book, with all the children's information in it. A child is identified by their:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Unique ID

Due to the economic crisis, Santa cannot delivery anything the kids might ask for, so they have to choose among 4 options. This lets Santa both control what can children ask for and he can submit some batch orders to the elves thus he keeps production costs lower.

Children can decide whether they just want to send a mail to Santa with their choice or they can visit Santa's Grotto so they choose in person.

To support fast processing, they have…

If you like it, feel free to star and share the repo!

Merry Christmas!

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