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Equality in tech looks like…

When things get tough, we should be able to feel safe, supported, and heard by all of our peers regardless of experience, gender, sexuality, you name it! You are always enough.

I’m an expert at…

Dogs.. and JavaScript with React, React Native, and Redux.

Mostly dogs..

My advice for allies to support self-identifying women and non-binary folks who code is...

One of the first things you learn in coding is data types. My favorite is UNDEFINED or NULL. Why this is really important is because it reminds me everyday regardless of how people define me or what I have made mistakes of before, this does not define me. I am undefined. I define myself however I want to be defined. So if you ever feel small or someone puts you down, just remember... You are undefined. You can be anything you want 😎.

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I put myself down on my own almost everyday. don't need anyone's help in this.