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Welcome to Sanga Bytes

This is exciting...

Every big journey start with one small step,

and this is the very first (and very small) step of Sanga's tech blog.

Let us introduce you to our Byte size concept.

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The theme of our company's tech blog is to share with the dev community the concepts we came to refine during our journey of developing Sanga.

We aim to share ideas and ignite a thought process.

You will not find tutorials, or a very detailed step by step posts on how to write your first microservice or how to use Combine with Swift UI.

Instead, you will find a very concise concept written in a Byte size format.

Meaning, no more than a couple of paragraphs and an image.

We hope that this format will increase the relevancy of each post to all sort of backgrounds and stacks.

And we are positive that reading a Byte size post is easier than a Gigabyte one.

Thank you for reading, look for our next Byte

Made with ❤️ by Sanga

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