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Have you ever needed to import CSV files from your users? 3 super tools that that make this a breeze!

If you've ever tried to implement a CSV importer, you know how annoying it can be to devote expensive development time to a feature only to see your users struggle with it.

In certain cases, developers aim to improve the user experience by providing FAQs and tutorials that explain consumers how to use their importer appropriately. This, on the other hand, simply moves the burden from the product to the user. Users don't want to go through pages of instructions or watch video tutorials just to submit a simple spreadsheet.

Here are 3 CSV importers that make CSV collection 10x faster:


CSVbox a no-code CSV importer that helps to implement a production-ready import feature in your web app in just a few minutes. Your users get an elegant upload experience as they upload CSV, Excel files, map columns and validate data all in the importer itself. You get ready-to-use clean data in your app, database or API.


Flatfile Portal is the AI-powered data importer that makes self-serve data onboarding seamless. Flatfile's data onboarding platform ensures that companies can import data quickly and seamlessly and that it's clean and ready to use. CSV or XLS files are ingested and you can set target data models for data validation, allowing users to match incoming file data. With features like automatic column matching recommendations, Flatfile learns over time how data should be organized, which helps make the data onboarding process more efficient for your customers. Flatfile's validation features provide control over how data is formatted.

3. Papaparse

Papaparse is a fast and powerful CSV parser for the browser that supports web workers and streaming large files. Its a robust JavaScript library that is claimed to be the fastest in-browser CSV parser. This is your one-stop-shop for parsing CSV to JSON.

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