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Planning a coding project in 7 steps.

This is how I approached planning my first personal project. Follow along as I go through and complete each step.


  1. Pick a Project
  2. Research Similar Projects
  3. Choose your stack
  4. Decide on Features
  5. Architect Your Project
  6. Create Timeline

Pick a Project (Be Curious)

Step 0, be curious. Step 1, act on that curiosity.

Deciding on a project can be the most daunting task sometimes. A good tip is to take those ideas that send you down the rabbit hole and build around them. A project can encompass many areas of learning also, and skill growth across the board. Not only benefits your career but keeps the passion for programming alive.

For me, It happened as I saw my country Trinidad mentioned in a medical drama. I wondered how many times Trinidad gets mentioned in TV and Movies. As I thought I decided I wanted to make this my own. It would allow me to use my front-end skills, creating user interfaces and data displays. Also, it would grow my back-end capabilities. Through database creation, management as well as manipulating data. In the end, stay curious.

Research Similar Projects

Choose your stack

Decide Features

Architect Project

Create Timeline

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