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Mistakes that beginners in programming do

I would like to start with a very famous quote which is
"Programming is all about thinking, not typing".

When we enter the world of programming as a complete beginner,
we tend to make some common mistakes, which can be avoided by becoming aware of it and learning from others despite doing it by yourself and then learning from it.
I am not saying that doing mistake is bad, but yes of course we can be smarter by knowing about it and avoiding it.

So here are some mistakes listed that beginners might do:

  • Giving up too soon: learning a programming language as a
    complete beginner takes a lot of patience. We should keep an attitude of not giving up.

  • Learning without doing: we just keep on learning and not implementing our knowledge.

  • Start with multiple languages: when we start we are too confused that we are not sure which language to start with and end up trying to learn multiple languages rather mastering anyone language.

  • Skip the basics: our generation wants everything to happen too fast that we just want things to happen and ignoring the basics
    of concepts.

So these are some mistakes that are common as the beginner.

I hope you will learn from it and try to avoid these mistakes.

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