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I can't find my Reading list on

It's been a while since this is happening, I can't find my reading list although it contains a number of articles

reading list

but whenever i visit the link this is what am getting, an empty reading list.

Empty Reading list

Can any body help!

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stereobooster • Edited on

Maybe cache? Try Ctrl + Shift + R.

If not cache - open web console and see if there are some errors in console. Post them here.

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Sara °°° Author • Edited on

Not cache.

This is what getting on the console


And when clicking on the warning message this is what am getting in a separate page:

Error Message

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Hi Sara, I'm not exactly sure what's going on. Could you open an issue on the issues tracker? This way the DEV team will get notified about this:

Thread Thread
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Sara °°° Author

Thank you for replying :)
It's working now.

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Hidden in Sudan, use vpn