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Sara Carvajal
Sara Carvajal

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My first Hacktoberfest: giving back

This year I started working in tech and discovered this great community. It was here where I first heard about hacktoberfest.

It looked like a cool challenge with a good cause and I wanted to participate. When I started browsing through the issues labeled as hacktoberfest it felt a bit overwhelming. The projects all seemed very intimidating and I didn't feel like I could really contribute.

After reading this posts, I was inspired again and gave it a second chance. This time, instead of searching for hacktoberfest issues again I decided to contribute to projects that had helped me in the past.

The first project I chose was Django Girls tutorial. Attending a Django Girls workshop changed my life this year and I wouldn't be working where I am if it weren't for them. So, I checked to see if there were any open issues I could help with and saw there was a problem with some links and I offered to help (my PR is now merged 🎉).

The other project I worked on was mentioned by

molly_struve image

and it's a compilation of resources to help moms get into the tech world. It's called Moms-Learn-Tech. I added a few resources, and since every resource has to be submitted as a PR, I was able to complete the challenge.

My PRs are in review now, but I'm happy I participated and I'll keep contributing to these projects that I believe have a positive impact in the world.

Update: My PRs were validated, so hacktoberfest is officially over for me.
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