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Sephora vs. ULTA: Beauty Retailer Overview

Sephora: It might be obvious, but Sephora didn’t become among the best beauty merchants without legal reason. Within the store, get yourself a makeover with one of the musicians and take the goods home with you, subscribe to the VIB app to earn points for each dollar spent (which turn into product rewards) and on-line enjoy 3 free samples of your choice with each purchase. It’s really a one stop Shop for Beauty.

ULTA: whenever you want a pro-grade beauty product (whether it be hair, make-up or skincare related), you’d be hard-pressed not to find it at ULTA. With both drugstore items and prestige goods at reasonable rates, ULTA has easily made a name for itself.
Sephora Advertising Strategy
Sephora’s present advertising plan is focusing on a combination of their on-line and in-store experiences and promoting brand participation through social, mobile and internet platforms.
Through market research, Sephora found that their customers use their personal mobile phones when shopping at the locations. The retailer took this info and developed the Sephora to Go mobile application, that provides consumers with a mobile experience catered to their needs.

Photo through Sephora To Move
Another strategy Sephora uses is thru product testimonials. Sephora analyzed their client feedback and product reviews and realized a common pain-point because of their consumer was buying a product that wasn’t the right fit for them and trigger undesirable frustrations. To help solve this issue, Sephora created a wide range of on-line content to help instruct shoppers to make better buying decisions.

ULTA Advertising Strategy
ULTA is the only beauty retailer that delivers products across all price points, bringing together prestige and general brand names.
Using the information gathered from its loyalty program, ULTA offers insights to its brand partners. Dave Kimbell, ULTA’s main merchandising and marketing officer, says that he can instruct these brands on what strategy worked best. For instance, which e-mail performed best, how customers interact and respond to mobile messaging, and what goods are doing well or not selling.
Another huge part of ULTA’s expansion strategy is focusing on Ultamate Rewards, its own loyalty program. This app has over 23 million active members.

There are 3 parts to the loyalty program:
Engagement: Ultamate Rewards is simple to use. With each purchase, members get points that might be utilized as cash. And there are no blackout date constraints limiting customers.
Content: Ulta sends Ultamate Rewards members magazines filled with fresh products, usage tips and beauty trends.
Perks: Loyalty members get special perks like birthday presents, event invitations and early access to new product launches.

SEPHORA Product Selection
Sephora’s inventory contains make-up, skincare, fragrance, hair care and tools from indie, classic, up-and-coming luxury manufactories. Sephora also peddles its own home line, Sephora Collection, including high-quality products at more small cost points than most of its high-end brands.
Number of Brands: more than 300
Number of Products: over 17,000

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