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Diving into DevOps

sarjeant profile image Judith Sarjeant ・1 min read

Tomorrow is the beginning of a deep dive into DevOps.

My career is pivoting into DevSecOps. I am strong and certified on the "Sec" (AWS Security Specialty; Azure Security Engineer; CISSP). I wish to be just the same for DevOps.

The plan:-

  • AWS DevOps Engineer Professional - Q2
  • Azure Developer Associate - Q3
  • Node.js - Q4 or Q1 2022

To kick of AWS DevOps Engineer Professional Certification:-

  • AWS free tier plus AWS credits compliments of AWS Community Builders
  • AWS DevOps Professional Course by Stephane Maarek
  • Practice Exams by Jon Bonso
  • Cloud9 IDE on AWS

May 9 - 14 - The first 5 hours of Stephane's course.

I will update as I proceed.

Exam is scheduled for early July - exam voucher compliments of AWS Community Builders

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