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Which Programming Language to Learn and Why? — Typical Answer!

When it comes to choosing your first programming language, most poeple think that it is one of the most overwhelming job they ever gonna do. And this is why we have a lot of videos on youtube around this topic.

But the answer is fairly simple:

The C Programming Language

Every programmer need to learn C regardless you are a beginner or a experienced developer.

And It is hard to argue with that statement, and why not. All the legend programmers like Linus Torvald ( Founder of LINUX) or Bjarne Stroustrup (Founder of C++) encourage to learn this powerful language.

So let’s look at some reason why you need to learn C:

1. To Understand How a Computer Works:

As a programmer you need to understand how a computer works from the ground level; and C can help you to visualize the inner working mechanism of a Computer System.

Since C is a low level language and very close to machine: so while Programming in C, you need to manage memory allocation and memory management on your own.

These concept are very essential for a programmer : which you can’t learn from any other language. And with programming in C, you are also become able to write efficient code.

2. Influence other Programming Language:

It is hard to argue with the statement that C is the mother of all the high level languages that ever exist. Behind the major high level language whether it is java, python, php, javascript, perl: you name it, there is C behind the scene, which powers them.

So in my opinion this is one the most influencive reason why you need to learn C.

And trust me, after learning C you become able to learn any programming language in the world.

3. Help in Collaboration:

As a programmer, collaboration is the most important skills one can ever have.

When you work with a team, you need to let people understand your logic about how a particular code is going to work. This is where you can use your C concept to represent your logic.

Since C is very close to machine, and it pretty much similar to pseudocode: thus every programmer can understand your code easily regardless which background they came from.

So these are the some reason why a programmer need to learn C.

Here are the popular programs written in C

  • Major Operating System: Window, Mac or Linux
  • Google Applications
  • Adobe Applications
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Thunderbird
  • MySql
  • Git
  • and list goes on…


Rgardless whether you are a noob beginner or a experienced developer, you’ll come across C once in a while: now and them, so you better have it.

C is the language that powers other popular programming language, so learning C will always help you in some aspect like we mention above.


Thanks for sticking around. Keep Learning.

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