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Experience in an intership

Finally, after a couple of months working with React.js and Typescript I'm able to describe as an computer science student what I learned as a front-end developer.

Preparation, curriculum and interview

I was working with a small project with a professor in my university, and learned the basics of React.js with a small pre-made assets. Also I got quite some experience with Git, the visual interface of Github and using Git Bash as main sources of practise it was pretty useful.

The curriculum was created with my main skills (Javacript, React.js and others), prior experiences (including participation and organization in university events) and Github page. The curriculum was created with Overleaf, a LaTeX editor.

Finally the interview, since it was a small business, mostly was a short talk about interests, motivation as a candidate and previous projects and got the intership.

What I learned?

  • Found good and bad practises of coding (thanks to Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship)
  • Think and participate as a team (also thanks to Accelerate)
  • Undestand the value of automated end-to-end tests (Cypress)
  • Improve networking by participating and talking to friends and colleages
  • Found more communities to learn more about the code you're working with (Twitter, Reddit, Stack Overflow,, Medium)
  • Use more task managers such as Trello and Jira
  • Have fun learning unexpected methods to solve issues with Code Challenges (CodeWars and using external tools as Replit

But also, working with home-office there's time-management because of university and household tasks. But now, what to improve? Probaly, a lot. But I believe the main goal is to participate and make the community richer and talk about what you learnded and how to improve with others.

Maybe your experience with your first intership was very much diffent from mine? How it was? Tell more in the comments.

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