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Discussion on: Building a multiplayer game using WebSockets - Part 1

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Saurav M H Author

Hey all 👋,

I wanted to make an announcement. It's been a year since I wrote this and I am very grateful that people are still using this as a reference. And I want people to use this even with the new and breaking changes from

There are a few changes made to the codebase, mainly in the way rooms and connections with a room are handled with the new release of library v4. As mentioned I had used some internal APIs but they are no longer supported with the new release.

But I have made those changes in my GitHub repository @fifa-api and even added support for Redis to help to scale. I would appreciate it if you would use the code from the Github repo directly than from the snippets here, as I don't want to change this code for people who are using this with older versions.

Thanks for understanding and have a great day ahead 🤠


Changelog for [github/fifa-api]

  • codebase synced for updated libraries
  • support for Redis added
  • Docker containerization support added
  • minor web app UI changes