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SAWO - One Stop Solution for your Authentication Needs

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I'm Siddharth from SAWO Labs

What is SAWO?

SAWO is a B2B2C service-based company whose API Integration enables one-tap authentication on your app (Android, iOS and Hybrid) and web to provide passwordless and OTP-less authentication experience.

What can SAWO do for you?

Not only does SAWO's API eradicate passwords and OTPs but also the endless inconvenience brought on by the existing authentication alternatives. We offer a customer-centric, standardized, and device-based verification.

  • Convenience
    • Go Passwordless in no time: Just 6 minutes to transition towards a passwordless future.
    • Give your developers a break: Easy integration with every popular web, cloud, VPN, remote access gateway, and more.
  • Security
    • Biometric Authentication: Additional device based security layer for user convenience.
    • Secure User Authentication: No Saved Data. No Cookies. No Phishing.
  • Cost
    • Optimised and personalized pricing. Various modes of payments accepted.

How to integrate SAWO?

There are 3 ways to integrate login verification within just a few minutes with SAWO:

  • Web-SDK Integration
  • Android-FIDO Integration
  • iOS-FIDO Integration

Checkout our docs which will provide you a step wise guide to proceed with the integration.

Support & queries
You can join our Discord Server Community and interact with other developers and can ask for any support you require.

In case of any other query, feel free to reach out to us at

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