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Discussion on: 5 super under-rated free tools/resources I use almost every day. (As a Frontend developer)

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Sayan Mondal • Edited

One extension I really like to use as a Web Developer is Color Picker Eyedropper, this makes it really easy to pick any colour from the internet and use that hex code or rgb in your project. πŸ™Œ

Makes your palette looks nice with out of the box non-regular colours.

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Gaurav Author

Yes i have also used it. Its pretty good. Also,this feature is prebuilt in firefox when we inspect element.

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I used to use this but the big browser have this built in nowadays (chrome e.g. in css Panel find any Color definition, click on the colour square and you can see this typical icon to pick any colour on the page. It even zooms in pixel wise to be very precise with the picking)

Also the url you provide does not exist