So I wrote a technical book 😁

Sébastien Castiel on February 14, 2019

Big week for me: I finished writing my eBook in French about React, and I couldn’t be prouder. Eight months, and it was not easy, but it’s so worth... [Read Full]
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Pretty awesome!

Writing development books is an excellent way to make some money on the side and get more recognition in the industry.

Also, you get the fun of developing, without all the responsibility of running a whole system in production, which is the best part, I think :D

I wrote one about React last year, and I plan my next one about serverless AWS.


I’m not sure that a book is the best way to make money on the side given the time it takes versus how much it pays. Doing some freelance work might be a better idea for this goal 😅
But yes it’s still a very fun project, and having your name written on a book is really exciting 😁


Sure, freelance work pays much better, but I wouldn't consider it money on the side. xD

I wrote like four months on the book, while doing other things and made enough money from it to pay my rent for almost a year or so.


Book writing is a long and tiring process. Congrats. The presentation seems nice. Oui c'est une bonne idee de poster ici dde temps en temps car ce site est super. Sinon avez-vous essayer un workflow avec python?


Thanks 🙂
I haven’t tried another workflow, since Pandoc is perfect for what I want to do. Of course if I wanted to write several books, or offer this workflow to other writers (by an open source tool or an online service) it would be relevant to optimize it and make it more reliable 😉


"It’s not an easy thing to do and it takes time," that what makes me think so, else, c'est bien de voir des francophones dans le coin!


I have the same idea for my blog. I want to make it English/Spanish so neither of those communities get left out.


Yes it would be quite elitist to restrict programming articles, books and courses to English-speaking people.


I wouldn't use the word elitist because most tech companies and jobs are in the USA or so I think but there are barely any resources on Spanish. Tech knowledge should be spread out instead of being stuck on certain countries.

You’re right, elitist might be a strong word. Let’s just be inclusive for people who want to learn programming without being fluent in English 😉

I’m totally able to learn from an article or book in English, but if I know there is a French alternative, I’ll be more comfortable.

Honestly I go for the English ones because I know resources are plenty but maybe little by little we can make a difference by making resources


Et hop livre acheté ! Même si je lis beaucoup d'articles en anglais, c'est agréable de revenir un peu à sa langue maternelle.

Félicitations !


Felicitations Sébastien! Ça est super! La documentation en chaque langue est précieuse!


Awesome dude! I'd love to see another post on how you customized the look. ✔

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