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Discussion on: Programmer must code every day. Even in holiday seasons?

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Scott Yeatts • Edited

I've been writing code for around 30 years.

I code in my free time if something interesting calls for me to code.

I did this before I was getting paid to do it. I do this now.

The same way someone interested in cars changes parts when they need to be changed, and every once in a while might break down an engine.

I do NOT write code everyday (outside of work), ESPECIALLY not when I'm on holiday from the job where I expect I will use most of my creativity and skill. That holiday will make me a better coder when I return.

If I happen to get interested in a coding problem and I decide to write some code for fun? It's fun, so I do it.

I do NOT encourage anyone to write code just to code when they should be resting or spending time with their families.

I had my first "just for fun" side-project (at least from since I started getting paid to write code) in 2020. The very first one. And I sunk maybe five days of the year into it, as a favor for a buddy.

If you need to practice for school or to improve your performance/understanding, I get it.

But if you know how to code already and aren't struggling, there's no reason you should be expected to code just to say "I wrote some code". Anyone telling you otherwise is trying to cultivate employees that will work extra hours without pay and wants to exploit the "passion" coders have for their jobs. Don't fall for that trick, and don't work for that company!