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Scott Watermasysk
Scott Watermasysk

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TabNine: You Had Me At Sidekiq Options

Tabnine is a nifty new tab completion plugin for a variety of editors (such as Vim and Atom).

It is free to use on small projects and requires an upgrade for larger projects. It has worked amazingly well, and I was already pretty sure I was going to upgrade…and then it offered this as a completion:

Screenshot of Vim Monokai Theme

This may seem trivial, but in nearly 20 years of tab competing/IntelliSense (in the Microsoft world), this is the first time I had really seen intelligence applied to the suggestion. sidekiq_options is the configuration API for a background worker. Guessing the completion when I typed side was expected. Being smart enough to realize that I always follow up with one of two specific queues took it over the top.

I made my purchase right away. $99 is a steal.

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