Sick beats, tutorials & podcasts, oh my!

Shannon Crabill on March 27, 2019

During the work week, I tend to listen to a Spotify playlist while I work. Somedays, I feel like it's a missed opportunity. Why not listening to... [Read Full]
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Almost 100% music . with a strong emphasis on Progressive Trance and House (Above and Beyond, Yotto, OliverSmith, Seven Lions, Andrew Bayer, Jason Ross, etc). I like hip-hop every now and then too, been going through a bit of a sadboi phase involving way too much Lil Peep.

I can't stand tutorials or video content...they don't hold my attention or move fast enough.


I tend to fall into listening to lo-fi either on Spotify or Youtube. Something about instrumental beats in my ear while working keeps me focused and productive. Here's the Spotify playlist

I have a podcast I host, which you can find here (if interested, no pressure):


I second the lofi beats, this is my favorite channel:

I posted some podcasts I like at

And sometimes I listen to audiobooks if I'm doing something that doesn't require a ton of attention.


I could not concentrate on my actual work if I was listening to a tutorial or podcast in the background. I find I have to focus on one thing at a time, so I tend to listen to Spotify myself.


I've got to listen to music. Usually local FM radio or my iPod.


Recently, I've been listening to Japanese (& other) Lofi Hip Hop Beats a lot when coding.
This one's good

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