#100DaysOfCode - First Quarter Finished

Sean on February 03, 2019

January 1. A time for fresh starts, new adventures and jumping into the foray of resolutions that the New Year draws out of us all. As the begi... [Read Full]
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Kudos... Trying hard motivating myself into taking up the challenge, but I don't want to break it the rule and that is what have been keeping me out.


I know the feeling! I eventually accepted the fact that, if I messed up, I could just start back at Day 1. With the hope of coding for years to come, I'm sure at some point I'll be able to hit 100 days regardless of the number of redos. If you decide to take the challenge, let me know and write about it!


Kudos to you! How do you plan on handling days where you can't necessarily put aside the 60min window to get some development in?


Thanks Jeremiah! I've thought about two possible routes I can take. One is to get in portions of time throughout the day so I can hit the 60 minutes by the end. The other, which I did when on an all-day bus ride, was to do a bit of coding by hand. It helped me think a little more clearly through the problem without the distraction of constantly checking the output.

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