Hello I am Sebastian

sebastianr1982 profile image Sebastian Rapetti ・1 min read

Sorry, this is my second article, must be the first but I published another before this.

I live in Olbia, Sardinia.

You can find me on Twitter as @sebastianr1982 or via e-mail at sebastian.rapetti@alice.it and I am currently working on github at https://github.com/linna

I am coding since 2002. I mostly speak PHP, but if needed C, C++ and every C like language, I will wish learn Python and Go.

I'm learning everything I can :), programming for me is an hobby, however calling it hobby is reductive, I see programming like an art, the code like a sculpture. A raw piece of stone after hard work becomes art, a raw piece of code, a function or a class after optimizing become art.

I am developing not for job, only for passion.

Nice to meet all.


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Jairo Martins

nice to meet you sabastian