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13 Great Sites for Beginner Developers and Programmers (Student Special)

Developer and Programmer Sites for Students (Beginner Level)
If you are someone who has interest in programing, software development, software engineering and coding and is willing to learn then you have landed at the right place as I bring you my collection of the best developer and programmer sites for beginners and students just starting out.

This is the best place if you want to learn online. You shall get your online course in all latest technology and programing languages such as:
• Java, Data structure and Algorithms, Spring, REST, Selenuim and many others.

It provides users with both free and paid resources. The paid ones are cheap and can be purchased for $9.99 during flash sales and the best thing is that sales happen quite often. It has some great teachers like:
• Colt_Steele, Rob Percival, Stephen Grider, Josh Portilla, John Purcell and others.

Visit Udemy. - The best and free

One of the best community websites which help to:
• Learn coding all for free.
• Build in real-world projects.
• Get job as a developer.

It carries a huge collection of tutorials and exercises to learn:
• JavaScript, Fronted Development, Data Structure and Algorithms etc.

Quincy Larson was the founder. This is the best place to begin with your coding journey. The best part is that they have a big group of Facebook where users can ask different questions and sharing their experience.

Visit FreeCodeCamp Site

Coursera - Recommended for University Students

Coursera Website
This was founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller for online learning. It offers:
• Online degrees.
• Specializations.
• Courses.

The best thing is that it provides courses from universities like:
• Stanford, University of London, University of Michigan, Colorado, Imperial College of London and many others.

This too provides with both free and paid online courses as well as specializations. The best ones are as followed:

• Python for everybody.
• Machine learning by Andrew Ng.
• Algorithms part 1 and 2 by Robert Sedgewick.

Moreover, it provides with certificates which you users can showcase in their social profiles such as LinkedIn but for this you need to pay.

If the course is useful then it is only because they are created by well reputed companies such as Google, IBM, Amazon and the best universities from the globe.

We recommend that you join Coursera plus which is a subscription plan from this.

Single subscription shall provide you with unlimited access to some of their most popular courses, certificates, specializations and guided projects. All this shall cost $399 per year but it is worth the money spent.

Visit Coursera.

If you want to learn how to program then give this one a try, it was founded by Fahim ul Haq. It is an interactive platform which features popular technologies such as:
JavaScript, Java, Kubernetes, Python and many others.
Check this out either you want to prepare for interviews or learn new technologies.

For this no set-up is required. The courses are complete with quizzes as well as challenges to make sure one has understood.
It carries good quality and interactive courses plus you do not need to skip and is it quite fast than other traditional online learning.

If you find their paid courses to be beneficial then save money by selecting educative subscription than buying single courses, all this shall cost around $18 per month.

If you want to learn Git in around 15 minutes then this is a good website. The best thing is that it is meta site which means that is carries very useful resources to learn it online such as Git Branching which teaches you Git commands from your browser.
It helps to understand basic commands but challenges concepts such as: branch, merge, revert, cherry-pick, rebase and others.
It comes with another resource such as Visualizing Git, this helps one to explore how these commands can affect the structure of repository within the browser with free explore mode and some constructed scenarios.

The best one out there to learn IT courses such as:
Programming languages like Java, web development framework such as Spring, Hibernate etc.
For now it has also acquired CodeSchool, like this you can learn web technologies.
To join you need a plural subscription to which costs $29 per month or $299 per year. Join this to boost learning.
Use 10 days free trial to watch the course for free.

The best site which carries interactive tutorials from which you can learn popular technologies such as:
• Java, JavaScript and Linux for free.
It carries paid courses as well to learn advanced concepts in Java, JavaScript and Python.
This is the best one as it brings interactive learning into pictures. Its popular course is JavaScript.

Visit CodeAcademy Site

This is best website to learn how to code and build web apps in only one month. It does not come in free and one needs to buy a bootcamp style course.
It carries courses like Ruby, Python and Javascript which can be learned in 30 days and also teaches in a bootcamp style which makes it a good place to learn.
It also comes with a free trial and some free courses such as command line.

The best website which helps to learn coding and basics of computer science, today kids around the globe use it to learn how to code by playing with Minecraft game.

If you want to become a programmer or an IT professional then you need to learn SQL. Today there are fewer sites from where one can learn this for free.
This is the best site to learn SQL for newbies plus if you have any SQL query skills then it can be improvised if you know the fundamentals.

The best thing is that it provides with SQL tutorials with complete quizzes. This is a good way to improve SQL query skills.

This is the best site to learn Python which is a popular programming language of the decade. With this you can do a lot of stuff from simply automating trivial stuff to developing sites and is also being used in machine learning and data science.
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This site carries free yet interactive tutorials which help you to discover Ruby idioms in browser. The best thing about this one is that it carries separate courses for beginners, intermediates and expert developers.


This is one of the most hot sites right now. You know why? This is because it is prefered a lot by students at various Universities and Colleges. You need a subscription to get access to premium programming and development help from tutors. You can use Free Chegg Accounts also that are shared with other students and you can unlock or view your document. You get actual login passwords, isn't that cool?


This was my first post here on and I hope it was good for all of you. I have put together some sites that I personally think will be helpful to you.

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Stuart Brown

Hey I like your post, I believe should be if I'm not mistaken? I haven't been able to find the rubymoin website.

If I may suggest some other websites off the top of my head: is a cool website that has a myriad of programs written in just about every language you can think of and it's all sourced by the programming community. is a free web development learning site that has paths to follow for javascript, ruby and more.

security_sane profile image

Hi Stuart, thank you for pointing this out, you are correct it is RubyMonk :). My apologies.

Thanks for your suggestions they look awesome, I'll add these too above at some point.